Sam Fine’s FINE: The Basics of Beauty DVD

Hi, girls!

How was your weekend? I had an uber fab event to attend on Saturday night at Rasputin in Coney Island for my friend James‘ 30th birthday. Rasputin, by the way, is a decadently hilarious venue. It’s decorated to resemble (uncannily, and yet, unironically) the Babylon (the night club Tony Montana frequents in Scarface). Huge plates of Russian food abound, as do buckets filled with wine and bottles of Grey Goose. Of course. The food is to die. Even my Russian grandmother, a phenom cook, has never prepared a chicken dish like these breaded balls of white meat chicken that are filled with dill and BUTTER when you bit into them. They were DIVINE. It’s called Chicken Kiev, for those of you who were raised without copious amounts of sour cream-laden food.

Let’s get to the beauty news, though. Last week, I attended an event to celebrate the launch of celeb makeup artist Sam Fine‘s new instructional makeup DVD, FINE: The Basics of Beauty. Sam, by the way, is a hilar DOLL. He’s thoroughly entertaining in the DVD. I learned lots of new makeup tricks which inspired me to try out some this weekend, pre-Rasputin. Sam is responsible for some of the looks of Iman, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and Vanessa Williams, to name a few. He’s highly recognized for his ability to translate trends, tips, and techniques into looks that work for an array of skin tones.

His DVD is a veritable tutorial and covers a myriad of cosmetic concerns, from covering blemishes and discoloration to creating a smoky eye. In just an hour, Fine offers TONS of application tips to teach anyone from the makeup novice to the aspiring makeup professional. The DVD features three step-by-step makeovers using varying levels of technique.

Here are some of the tips I gleaned from scanning the video:

  • Don’t use pressed powder under the eyes–it’s too pigmented and comes out cakey.
  • Long-haired brushes are best for blending.
  • Use brow gel on brows first (before applying makeup) to brush brows up and then trim the excess length (upwards) with cuticle scissors.
  • There is a color difference on most women’s faces–the center of your face varies in color from the jawline. Be sure to test concealer and foundation on the areas you’ll be using it, not just on your neck/hand.
  • Warm foundation and concealer with your fingers before sweeping it on. Your body heat makes it easily blendable.
  • Bring concealer from your under-eye area to down around your nose and fan it out for a more natural look.
  • Use one ply of a two-ply tissue to blot foundation so that it looks less opaque.
  • Using a touch of mascara (wipe the wand with a tissue) before curling lashes gives them more staying power. It’s akin to using hairspray before curling your hair with a curling iron. I love Sam’s hair analogies, he’s a dude after my own heart.
  • Lastly, set brow pencil with loose powder to keep it more dry–not waxy, as pencils tend to be.

Are you not ENLIGHTENED? Buy his DVD the MINUTE it comes out in May. There are so many more tips where those came from.

It’s $25 and available at and

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4 Comments Sam Fine’s FINE: The Basics of Beauty DVD

  1. Anonymous

    Love the information on Sam Fine’s new DVD. He is truly a master when it comes to making women look their best. I’ve been to several of his presentations and can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD!

  2. Amber

    Hi Krasey Beauty! I am LOVING that you’ve experienced the fun that is Rasputin. YES, they are still doing “shows.” 45 minutes (or so) of Russian cabaret. Amazing.

  3. Krasey Beauty

    Shout out to Rasputin! I grew up in those insanely decadent Russian restaurants, attending monthly bday parties.

    Gotta love the excess of the Russian culture. Are they still doing the “shows”?


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