Yet Another Ridic Israel Video

In lieu of a beauty review today (and because I just found out about this video last week despite it occurring on my trip to Israel in February), I’ve decided to post this video of my friend Jill and me rapping about hummus:

This may be the worst I’ve ever looked (combined lack of sleep with zero time to primp). My hair is in its natural curly state AND in des need of a trim. Not to mention the fact that Brian, the photographer, is all KINDS of up in my face. I believe this is 4 days into our nonstop tour of Israel. At this point, we’re all dying for something to eat other than hummus and salad. Nevertheless, it provides a nice “laughternoon break”, doesn’t it? PS if you missed the other video, here it is.

2 Comments Yet Another Ridic Israel Video

  1. Parisjasmal

    You do not look bad at all girl, but I understand about wanting some warning and some time to prepare for a close up. Anyone who travels understands what you mean. There is never enough time to primp when traveling.

    The video is HILARIOUS! Looks like a great time!

    Shout out naturally curly hair!


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