Carmen Marc Valvo AW 2013 Hair Makeup Nails

Carmen Marc Valvo‘s beauty concept was based on a mix of baroque and punk elements. Here’s how to get to the look.
James Boehmer, NARS Director of Global Artistry created a slightly haunted look for the girls, embodying a punk meets baroque sensibility. “To me, it’s a girl who has some strength,” explained James. “Pretty, not over the edge.” He created a deconstructed, messy eyeliner. “We’re using the Black Valley eye paint in the outer corner, sort of splashed on,” he said. The skin boasted a pearly pink effect on the upper cheek bones, thanks to Luxor (one of the multiples). The foundation was blended into it, on top. As for eyes, a little contour with Mambo eyeliner was added to the bridge of the eye, almost for an impression. On the lips, James applied Salsa lip pencil for a bit of depth and then usedLuxembourg Satin Lip Pencil on top. “Carmen wanted a cassis,” James stated. “We originally went for a plum, but it rendered a bit goth.” The final step? Adding XXX lip gloss and putting it on the eyelid. “This catches light on the eyes for a vinyl effect. It gives it a punky feel.”  
Here are the key products used to create the look. 
·        Concealer
·        Copacabana / Luxor Multiple (Maldives Multiple / Nepal Single Eyeshadow for darker skin)
·        Sheer Glow Foundation
·        Mambo Eyeliner Pencil
·        Black Valley Eye Paint (New for Fall 2013)
                 Available: US – September 1 2013 / Global – October 1 2013
                 For a similar effect, try Carpates Eyeliner Stylo 
·        Triple X Lip Gloss (applied to eyelids)
·        Sheer Glow Foundation
·        Snow Loose Powder
·        Luxembourg Satin Lip Pencil (New for Spring 2013)
                 Available: US – March 15, 2013 / Global – April 1 2013

                 For a similar effect, try Mexican Rose Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil


Devin Toth for Ted Gibson created this season’s hair look. Said Devin, “The pop of punk mirrors the pops of color in the mostly black clothing.” I loved that the hairstyle yielded a headband effect without the headband. The team used Tame It Shine Lotion and Fix It Gel, raked the hair back into a high ponytail and made it really, really tight with a bungee and let it set and blow dried it in the ponytail. “While it was in a ponytail, we put the pink hair chalk in at the bottom,” Devin explained. “While it was setting, we took the elastic out and it left an indentation that goes from behind one ear to the other ear. Then we secured everything with Beautiful Hold Hairspray, which serves to keep the color as well. The gradient color can come out really easily.” 

What do you think of this look? 

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