NEW From Skin Inc: Pure Revival Peel & Customized Serum

Skincare lovers, listen up! Skin Inc’s got a Pure Revival Peel and a customized serum made just for you.

We all have different skin types and issues, so it’s impossible for one product to work the same way on everyone’s skin. Skin Inc tries to tackle this issue with their “Skin Identity” test, which is available on their website. You simply answer some questions about your lifestyle and most common skin issues (acne, aging, redness, etc). It’s important that you’re honest while taking this, because the results will only help you out! Aka, when I got to the question asking about my fitness level I was tempted to lie but then was like nah lets be real. *moves bar down close to zero*
64b42e9d-6e04-4bd5-9d97-5f8d64de94a1After you finish the test, you’ll be given the 3 serums that are best for your skin type, and then you get to blend them all together in your “My Daily Dose” bottle (and you kinda feel like a scientist or something while doing so, which is fun.) My daily dose consists of: Ceramide Serum to help soothe dehydrated and sensitive skin, Licorice Serum to protect skin against the abuse of the elements and repair dry skin, and Vitamin A Serum to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles. (Because, you know, what is sleep?) After I incorporated this dose into my daily/nightly skincare routine, I definitely noticed that my skin was way less dry than usual AND I wasn’t breaking out nearly as often. Also, each serum is clear with different colored capsules inside, so when you combine all three you’re left with a really pretty color combination, which is always a plus. ? They recommend applying 3 drops of the serum in the morning and evening, before you apply your moisturizer.

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The Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, which comes in a set with a Hydrating Mask, is SO SATISFYING. (If you’re like me and enjoy the feeling of peeling off your dead skin.) This product wasn’t what it seems like it would be from the title: it’s not a mask that you let sit and then peel off. It’s arguably even better. Apply a little bit to your face when its dry, let it sit for 2-3 seconds, and then start moving the product in circles with your fingers. As you work the product into your skin, you’ll feel (and see) dead skin being removed. Then just wash your face with warm water and continue on with your skincare routine.

27775f9e-e722-4f3f-9df9-a450809285baAs fun as this peel is, try to limit yourself to doing it 2-3 times a week: you do still wanna keep some of your skin on your face, after all.
—Devon Kelliher

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