The Expo Skin Savior: Kiko Hydro Pro Mask

What is every salesperson’s most hated four letter word? EXPO. This in fact means… recirculated air, horrific lighting, and long hours.


My saving grace? A fanstastic mask to go back to my drafty hotel room and apply. I pretty much want it to work wonders within 20 minutes, but I digress. The mask I am in fact loving is Hydro Pro Mask.

Within in 20 minutes I noticed a number of things. I was not dried out (which I typically experience after ANY mask), I felt clean: it worked out the grime and grudge I accumulated on my face after 12 hours, and it literally made my skin soft (as if I rubbed it in baby oil with no oily residue and grease). This is the real deal, and wanted to keep that fresh from the spa look going.

I noticed a difference after only applying it twice in one week.

—Melissa (A.K.A. Sissy)

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