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So I know I talk about straightening my hair more than Jay Z talks about 1996, but really? If you saw my hair in sixth grade, you’d have to agree that the extra emphasis on DOING something about my haystack mess warrants this much discussion. PS, before former sixth grade classmates blow up my comments with anecdotes about just how hid my hair WAS, let me just say that I KNOW. It was a bad time, mmkay? There were no flat irons. I didn’t know I couldn’t brush curly hair. I had basically just learned what conditioner was. I was using whatever standard issue stuff my mom was buying for me; I was TWELVE.

So, a flatiron is an investment. My friend J has fantastic hair that can be tamed by a Helen of Troy from Sally Beauty and zero hair products. If I even THOUGHT about using that combo, my hair would morph into seared steel wool. You may or may not have a lot of money to spend on your flatiron, but let me tell you, this is not the area to scrimp. A good flatiron will last you about 3 years. The aforementioned haystack look is not sexy, dolls. I recently had the opportunity to try the T3 Medium Duality Iron and adore it. I was hesitant at first because it doesn’t come with a built-in comb, as my Solano Sapphire has. I was nervous about tangles and pulling out hair along the way as I straighten, but it’s proven not to be an issue. And, even if you’re using cheaper hair prods, your hair will be protected with Tourmaline technology

Here are the deets from the Ulta website:

The Bespoke Labs T3 Duality Series irons are uniquely made to straighten or curl, whether you want to go glam with sleek straight locks or wow with sweet luscious curls-it’s now in one highly sophisticated styling tool. The Bespoke Labs T3 Duality iron will give your hair virtually any desired shape, while the negative ionic properties of tourmaline promote exceptional hair health. Now with the Bespoke Labs T3 Duality the magic look you want is only an iron away. Tourmaline-ceramic plates are 1″ wide. Max temp is 410 degrees.

Harnessing the ultimate in advanced haircare, Bespoke Labs T3 styling tools utilize the unique tourmaline mineral, long recognized for it’s incredible ability to generate optimal infrared energy to transform lifeless locks into salon-perfect tresses anytime anywhere. T3’s superior irons emit the most negative ions and far infrared heat, eliminating unattractive static while locking in moisture, ensuring perfect healthy styling all the time.

Okay? The Narrow Duality Iron is $160 at Right now, I’m focusing on using it solely as a straightener, I’m working on the wave/curl capabilities. I’ll get back to you on that once I practice a bit more. Happy Thursday!

Pictured above is the Narrow Duality Iron. Photo courtesy of

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  1. Kim Chernow-Stone

    I know. I won’t torment. Get out your 7th grade year book and LOOK at my hair. It is the GFJF (Genetically F$@*ed Jewish Frizzies) I have a Coriolliss and a CHI. I like the Cori better. I have been drooling over the T3 for months though….gonna happen soon….espech since I cut my hair short again I can’t live without the damn iron. ALSO- try Fekkai’s NEW Coiff lightweight style cream Love it. Smells Delish. PERFECT!

    Kim Chernow-Stone


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