Feel Better About Your Neck

So after reading this book, I became obsessive about moisturizing my neck/decolletage area to the point of adding in an extra step in my twilight regime. Coupled with the sun exposure I’ve been getting this summer (I know. I know.), I’m just uber paranoid about looking older than necessary. So every night, post facewash, I’ve been applying some Re Vive Sensitif Cellular Repair Cream on my face, neck and chest area. It’s too rich (for me) for daytime (in the summer, anyway), but the faintly citrus-scented consistency is PERF for night. Touted to provide immediate improvement to sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin, it minimizes that crepey “in the cleavage” skin anyone older than 25 is prone to and has made the lines in my neck (LOATHE THOSE) much less noticeable. Get some and feel better about your neck on banler.com, stat.

Photo courtesy of banler.com.

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