Core Fusion Month-long Project: Week 2

Etouffe, yum yum yum!

So my Core Fusion month-long project continues and I have to confess that the last week since we’ve talked fitness has been a bit rough. First, last week included a four-day trip to New Orleans and mama couldn’t say no to beignets, banana bread pudding and etouffe. But mama also didn’t stuff her FACE with it either, so yay for small victories. I caught up with my health counselor Catherine Hesse on the phone yesterday (who was supportive and fantastic, even when I told her that I felt like I was made of hurricanes and grits) and disclosed that while I would have been a full-blown 10 pre-project on the eat-my-feelings scale in New Orleans, I kept it to a six. Also was kind of bummed I could only fit in two Core classes last week instead of three, but I’m hoping to remedy that this week.

I’m a little stressed out about knowing we’re going to take my measurements after a month that includes two press trips–Sundance and New Orleans. I even passed on a trip to sunny LA because among THREE trips, being away from the gym, Fashion Week starting this Thursday and too much tiring travel, I’d likely gain weight and not lose it. Yes, these are first world problems, but I’m too Type A not to want to see results from this project and I’m back on the horse this week.

Core Fusion itself is going well. I’m definitely getting more comfortable and feel I’m able to do more than I could initially. The final abs exercise at the end of the class where everyone else seems to be able to defy gravity Wicked-style and balance with just their lower back on the mat while levitating and moving their arms is still really difficult for me. It’s the only part where I feel I can barely GET into the position, let alone do anything from there. But I’m hoping it’ll get easier with a few more classes. I’m scheduled for one tonight, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, Fashion Week be damned! I’m also armed with a list of superfoods and snack ideas from Catherine, so my nutrish has been back on track as of Monday night. Wish me luck! Will check in with you next week!

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  1. Amber

    I can totally relate with regards to the ab exercise at the end of Core Fusion! It took a few classes for me before I finally “got” it and when I did – it was (and still continues to be) amazing! I look forward following this project! Best of luck to you!


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