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Weight loss teas stirred up a lot of controversy on Instagram, as several well-known social media stars began to promote them. But what do insta-famous teas really do to your body?

The good folks at Well + Good break down the common ingredients in these teas—“enna, aloe, dandelion leaf, buckthorn, prunella, burdock, cascara, or rhubarb root”—and observe that they’re laxatives or diuretics. These substances don’t promote real weight loss (losing fat); at most, you might lose water weight.

The even more sinister reality is: “Instagram stars touting the amazing benefits of weight-loss teas probably don’t mention the fact that laxatives are habit-forming, weaken your natural peristalsis over time (so that long-term healthy digestion actually becomes harder to achieve), and come with a bevy of health risks.”

Read the full post here.

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