REVIEW: Sisley So Intense Mascara

mascara2 (1)When I think of Sisley, I think of classically chic Parisian cosmetics pushed forward with high-end skincare.  Sisley never over-does it and always exudes easy luxury.  When reading up on Sisley So Intense Mascara, I found that this mascara promises to enhance your lashes over time with nourishing rice phyto-ceramides.  The more you wear the mascara, the longer and stronger your lashes are supposed to be.  While I wasn’t able to test their pledge (I have too many mascaras in rotation!), I’m extremely intrigued.
3473311853110_44So let’s talk about the brush and formula. I’ll start by saying that the brush is actually a comb.  Super skinny and stiff, the comb works it’s way through the super inky formula to separate and lengthen.  With my second coat, I tempered the richness of the formula by wiping off most of the product from the comb.  I layered my second coat to avoid clumping; this is the one danger zone with this product.  My lashes stayed hydrated and flexible all day so my evening touch-up just reinvigorated the tint and volume.
Because of its luxurious texture, I needed eye makeup remover at the end of the night.  While I usually get annoyed with additional nighttime step, I didn’t really care because the mascara itself was so good.
Should you buy this one? Oh oui!
—Ashleigh Ciucci

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