Why You Need Circa Absolute Lash Icon Mascara

Circa is a new brand in my universe so I was excited to try a couple of their mascaras. This version has a rectangular tube with gold accents which feels luxe even though it’s mass.
The brush is bowling pin shaped and super sized with rubber bristles. The stiff spikes are good to control the rich formula; one coat gives me Twiggy lashes and lots of volume at the roots.
With the second coat I found that I needed to apply it as soon as I applied the first because the formula is really quick to dry. When waiting, I got clumps, when going in immediately I got major fluff to my lashes just not a ton of extra length. Because of the quick-dry properties an afternoon touch-up wasn’t all that successful. This mazzie washed off with soap and water (yay!) Try something new and buy this one!
—Ashleigh Ciucci
Circa Absolute Lash Icon Mascara, $12, drugstore.com

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