The'Cool Girl' Hair Treatment That Saves Time You Need To Know Now


A little less frizz, a little more Kardashian glossiness.

Reading Gone Girl two years ago, the thing that resonated with me most was Amy’s diatribe on the concept of the “cool girl.” There are no fashion or beauty indications to it; just a fitness/health component, but I’d posit that having wash-and-go hair is a MAJOR requisite for cool girls everywhere. Guys want to be around a girl who eats pizza and washes it down with beer, wants to do everything he wants to do but ALSO takes 10 minutes to get ready no matter what her natural hair texture. Also, what guy harbors an interest in ever even KNOWING about her natural hair texture? I’d say zero. Keratin treatments are far too high maintenance and are expensive and require days of no washing, which he would not find “cool.” The solution? Kerastase Paris Discipline, a 45-minute + a blow-dry, which I experienced via the capable hands of Justin, stylist at Salon De Berardinis in Chelsea.

My subsequent blow-drys were faster and longer lasting, frizz was taken from an 8 to a 4 and my natural wave wasn’t disrupted, so I wasn’t stuck with that noodley Axl Rose look that so commonly plagues me post keratin treatment. It works on curls and won’t mess up your color, either.

9630c71ef38c0b1e5d94441e18e433fcSimply follow it up with the at-home regimen, which includes Bain Fluidealiste (for normal hair), Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate-Free (for chemically-treated hair), Fondant Fluidealiste, Maskeratine and Discipline‘s star product Spray Fluidissime, a lightweight serum that instantly eases blow-drying.

What do you think of Discipline? Is this a service you’d try?

The Kerastase Discipline treatment price varies per salon, but averages at around $100.

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