Julia's February Favorites

febElizabeth and James Nirvana Black ($75)

Vanilla and sandalwood make this delicious perfume just slightly masculine and reminiscent of Tom Ford Black Orchard (for which there will never ever be a dupe).

Venus Snap with Embrace ($9)

You are the CEO of a company and it’s casual Friday so you are wearing your favorite dress and feeling amazing when… oh no you missed a few spots shaving this morning! OR you are 21 and drunk and go home with some guy who just bought you 5 vodka RedBulls ,but as you’re making out in the cab home you realize you forgot to shave your underarms. This mini razor is there for whichever lifestyle you choose.

Tom Ford Nude Vanille Lipstick ($49)

A creamy pale pink nude, that has quickly become my go-to bare lip.

Bobbi Brown Beach Oil ($31)

Anything and anything that smelled like warm weather was my best friend this month. Bobbi’s oil absorbs quickly and smells so much like summer that I swear I start to smell the ocean.

Bliss Glamour Gloves ($52)

I was tempted more than once to wear these outside during this arctic month and I would have had they come in black. These thick gloves have a gel lining that instantly hydrates tired hands. Pop them on for however long you want ( I like to wear them during the Mindy Project because I feel like she would approve) and hands emerge smooth and soft. The best part is, unlike lotion, there is zero residue or grease.

–Julia Casella

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