Hairstyle: Chloe Grace Moretz At The ‘Carrie’ Premiere

Gregory Russell created this gorgeous braided hairstyle for Chloe Moretz at the Carrie premiere. Says Russell, “We were inspired by the beautiful Valentino dress to create a loose romantic, braid.” Here’s how he scored the look.

“I started applying Kevin Murphy Easy Rider Anti-Frizz Crème to Chloe’s damp hair, starting at her ends. After working the product through her hair, I made a center part and combed the top flat. I then began rough drying her hair, and next blew out the hairline and top with a round brush. I then used a 1.25″ curling iron at random to give more texture. After curling, I brushed through with my hands and sectioned out a few pieces on the side to create smaller braids to weave through the much looser side braid. I fastened the braids with clear hair bands and tied the end with black lace.”

What do you think of this hairstyle?

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