Drop the Thin Mints: Here’s Another Way to Support Girl Scouts

There are so many mysteries. For instance, I wonder why Sweeney Todd didn’t christen himself Todd Sweeney since he had a choice as that was not his original moniker. And who can guess why so many palettes are comprised of colors that work for half the population? I’ve never met a lip palette that housed colors that looked good on me. Until now. Enter Trish McEvoy’s Be Prepared Pink Maxed Out Gloss Kit, $21.

Possibly the cutest compact ever, this double decker palette squeezes a stunning spectrum of natural-looking glosses and lip colors into an astonishing 1.5”L X 2.125”W mirrored space. All eight shades are delightfully wearable. Colors range from shimmery champagne to universally flattering pinky brown to deeper sparkly rose.

Best of all, net proceeds of the Gloss Kit will be donated to support the Girl Scouts.

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  1. Fabulista

    The Go International designers change all the time – every two months or so. Right now, I believe it’s Erin Fetherston. The next is Milla Jovavich’s line that hits stores in March. I’m REALLY excited about that one! Also, Isaac Mizrahi’s brand is always there and is PHENOM. His cashmere is amazing. Good luck!

  2. Fabulista

    Hi Anon!

    First of all, do you mean fashion blogs or online shopping? I have to say, I’m not as well-versed in fashion blogs as I am in beauty ones, but I’ve even been considering making BBJ a fashion/beauty blog hybrid. Stay tuned for that. I like I Am Fashion and for shoes, no one reviews them like The Manolo – http://www.shoeblogs.com.

    For online shopping, I like bluefly.com, smartbargains.com, target.com (love the GO international designers), and shopbop.com. Anthoropologie online is also phenom. Let me know what you find!


  3. Anonymous

    Hey Fabulista! As a girl with great taste, anywhere you can recommend for online shopping? A Blog that will perhaps keep me hip and elegant for clothes as you do for makeup?


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