7 Things I Learned About Chrissy Teigen At Her Bridal Shower Thrown By Gillette Venus

The lovely Chrissy! 
I have a longstanding loathing for showers (subjecting guests to watching you opening gifts for hours during their weekends is vulgar, no?) but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the one Gillette Venus threw for Chrissy Teigen, who’s engaged to legendary singer-songwriter John Legend. No embarrassing games (though there was a fun round of Two Truths and a Lie), no present-opening–and I learned a lot about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. At the get-together, Chrissy and Venus Dermatologist Dr. Jody Levine talked bridal beauty and kicking off shave season with the Gillette Venus Olay Sugarberry razor. Here, the top 7 things I learned about everyone’s favorite tweeter, Chrissy Teigen

1. Chrissy Teigen shaves twice a day and has for years. If that isn’t a strong gampaign, I don’t know what is.

2. Regarding preparing for the big event, she’s “not even there yet. I’ve had plenty of red carpets since we got engaged. People keep asking and I feel bad. I don’t know even know the plans.” 

The Venus/Olay cake at the shower. 

3. She’s going to be taking a little Vitamin X. “I have such anxiety I don’t even believe I’ve taken the pill. I get worried it fell on the ground,” she confessed.

4. Her beauty routine for the big day won’t be very different for her usual. “It’ll include a shower, shaving and exfoliating. My skin is so important every day, but it won’t be much different than usual. Lame answer, I know, but it’s true. “

5. Chrissy is not into sweets, but her must-have is a couple-hundred layer crepe cake. “Lady M here in NYC does the best crepe cake. It’s layered in pastry cream drizzled with raspberry sauce. I first had it in Thailand with my mom (why are you crying, mom?) She thinks this is the realest bridal shower ever. ” In true bridal shower fashion, Teigen’s mom attended the festivities and was a delight.

6. Teigen’s 3 things every bride needs aside from Xanax are undereye pads, moisturizer 
 a Venus Olay razor, obviously. “It’s a destination wedding,  so I’ll have to bring all my favorite products myself,” she said.

7. There’s going to be a garter toss at the event. “I have be smooth for that to preserve the sexy,” explained Teigen.

Thanks to Venus for inviting me to the very best shower I’ve ever attended. I was so entertained by Chrissy Teigen’s realness and hilarious anecdotes, I’d even have volunteered to make the hat if there were gift opening (but thank baby Jesus there wasn’t).

What are your shaving must-haves for the season? 

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