Fitness Blogging Junkie: Boxing With Equinox Trainer Ben Hart

“I promise I’m not a violent person,” I coo, or try to, to Equinox personal trainer Ben Hart as I’m punching his hands and fake-ducking during my martial-arts themed session. 

The competitive boxer looks like a recessive-gened James Franco and I’m doing all I can to sweat as much as I can to appease my inner Type-A personality, while also trying not to schvitz to the point of unattractiveness. Which everyone knows is impossible. As it was, I had to ask him to remove my boxing gloves twice in order to pull down my top that had ridden up from twisting side to side while punching (as daintily as possible). Ben also mixed in some burpees (which conjured up many memories of high school soccer practice), squats and weights for a well-rounded fitness routine throughout the hour. 

It was difficult (though not as diabolical as Bassett’s Boot Camp) and I left with sore muscles in spots my usual weekly workout cocktail of barre method, yoga and indoor cycling somehow manages to neglect. Equinox members can purchase a session with Ben online. Click here for more information. 

I was an avid kickboxer a few years ago, but haven’t done it since I got rid of my NYSC membership. What are your thoughts on boxing/kickboxing? Have you tried it? 

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