Fictionary: Apothescary

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

It’s like the second something’s poured into packaging that looks remotely like it could have housed the herbs Friar Lawrence slipped Juliet, the price is jacked up to $20+, no matter what’s establishing residency in there. It’s a well known marketing tool and I am ONTO it, brands. Frankly, it’s apothescary

That’s why I adore beautifully packaged apothecary-style J.R. Watkins, specifically their Coconut Sugar & Shea Body Scrub. So NOT apothescary. At just $13 for 8 oz, I can feel free to use it liberally pre self-tan without breaking the bank. AND it brings my entire shower into another aesthetic tax bracket. 

Purchase J.R. Watckins Coconut Sugar & Shea Body Scrub for $12 at

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