Ficitonary: Glamenities

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Is there anything worse than traveling for work and being faced with the option of standard-issue beauty products in your hotel? June Jacobs Spa Collection and Hyatt Hotels & Resorts feel that have joined beautiful forces to launch a new bath glamenity collection exclusively available at Grand Hyatt hotels. 

Jacobs worked closely with the hotel chain to bring guests products that feature her signature parapen and preservative free formula while maintaining the quality results that have made the brand a cult favorite. 

Glamenities include: 

Green Tea And Cucumber Clarifying Shampoo
Green Tea And Cucumber Clarifying Conditioner
Green Tea And Cucumber Purifying Shower Gel
Green Tea And Cucumber Facial Bar
Green Tea And Cucumber Body Bar 
Green Tea And Cucumber Body Balm

The items are available in-room at Grand Hyatt hotels in the U.S.; in guestrooms and spas globally. Grand Hyatt also is featuring new services, like a guest request cards; smart essentials such as curling, flat irons, steamers, yoga mats and hairspray; and smart menu offerings boasting healthier choices. 

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