Vera Wang Fall 2013: Backstage Beauty

The look at Vera Wang today was predictably gorgeous, but bit less formal than seasons past. Here’s how to get the look. 

Lucia Pieroni, Cle de Peau Makeup Creative Director created the look backstage at Vera Wang today. Said Pieroni, “Today at Vera, the look is relaxed polished. It’s a gorgeous, simple, ’90s face. The polish is the strong mouth and brow. We’re using two colors, deep red lipsticks mixed together, a little face shine and a bit of highlighter on the eyes and Brooke Shields pushed up eyebrows.” Here, the products she used. 

Eyes: Eyebrow Pencil, Satin Eye Color in Rose Gold, Satin Eye Color in Rose Bronze

Lips: Extra Rich Lipstick in Mister Lincoln and Tuscany
Face: Luminizing Face Enhancer in Pastel and Gold, Brilliant Enhancer. 

Paul Hanlon for Moroccanoil created the look and I try in vain every time not to fall in love with him as I interview him. It’s not easy when he throws around words like sexy, sweaty and languid all the time. Here’s what he said. “This time, the hair is a lot more real, less formal. More believable. It’s about beautiful, expensive quality hair. Not too bourgeois  It’s sexy hair; lived in texture. The collection is very elaborate, embellished. It’s quite grand, so anything up and back felt too frumpy, we wanted more a street style effect. It’s a soft look with lift in the back. We used Moroccanoil products. The hair will be inside the jackets as well so we need it to shine. We prepped the hair with Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse and lots of it. Normally you use less, because it’s light, so we’re using a lot. We’re putting Moroccanoil Treatment Oil Light on the ends treatment to get rid of dry, frizzy ends. It’s not straight, but not curly. There’s a loose, soft moviement to the hair. We’re using a big curling tong to create light waves with an imperfect center-part. We’re pulling the hair out so it’s a bit in their faces. Then, I’m tucking it behind ears for Lucia [the makeup lead] so she doesn’t kill me, but it serves to give a little bend in front of the face as well. I’m also using the Moroccanoil Scalp Dry Scalp Treatment on the ends as a finishing product. I loved the texture it gave to the ends during the hair test we did. It made them quite languid, almost sweaty, in a way. Then, I just shake it out. It’s very real, girl on the street but with quality.” Hanlon left the hair hydrated, but then destroying it, making it a bit of a mess. But made sure to reflect that this is still a girl who takes care of herself. He finished the look with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium. 

I caught up with my gal Jin Soon Choi, lead nail tech for Vera Wang. On the nails at Vera Wang? Two coats of Jin Soon Nail Lacquer in Auspicious. Says Jin, “At the nail test, I saw lots of bright colors and a dark gray. So we opted for a soft gray and it compliments her collection very well.” You can score the same look with a coat of Jin Soon Power Coat, two coats of Auspicious and and Top Gloss to finish. The shape? “Whichever shape flatters the model. I prefer a shorter shape,” explained Choi. 

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