Carol’s Column: Mane Miracle

By Carol (my mother)

Do I dare reveal this latest development?   Please, let it not be a jinx – I’m knocking on wood as I write! O.K. (deep breath here), I’ve discovered a shampoo that actually works for my “challenged” hair and on a consistent basis.  

Yes, my sparse, impossibly soft and fine, bodiless, “can’t use a product without turning it to gunk” hair, my unruly, infuriating, “mind of its own,” “can’t do anything with it” mane actually seems to be behaving!  To what do I attribute this miracle? Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange Ginger Body and Shine Shampoo, that’s what. Who knew?  

Now, I adore inhaling (and ingesting) orange and ginger and appreciate the aromatherapeutic aspects  of this product ( “Boost your energy. Orange and ginger essential oils are uplifting to release tension and sharpen the senses”).  But, in truth, I would consider taking oil of toad and essence of salamander if it would do anything to improve my sorry locks.  

Fortunately, I won’t have to.  This crystal clear shampoo works like a charm. Decidedly volumizing, it seems to bring out the best in my haircut, creating pleasing waves in the right places.  To boost its power, I’ve been massaging Redken’s Intra Force Micro Boost for Thinning Hair (another wondrous product) into my scalp directly after towel drying.  It works, too. What can I say?  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  

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