Gel For Straight Hair?

I grew up in the ’90s; I’ve long thought that using gel will yield a hair texture that falls somewhere on the spectrum between “crisp” and “shellacked.” It was a look I thought needed to stay firmly in 1996, along with my Sharon Cherski brown lipstick. So when Ted Gibson used some of his Fix It Gel ($20 at on my locks after a recent haircut, I was all, “Honey, what’s going on here, what’s happening?” much in the manner of Will & Grace‘s Karen Walker. To my surprise, the end result was glass-smooth with a dense, but sleek texture. One I kind of want to recreate all the time. Here’s what Ted had to say about it. 

“I use gel when I want a saturation on every strand of hair and a weight to the hair. It makes it a little crispy–that’s the goal. It gives a weight so that it’s not fluffy. Apply a quarter-sized amount from root to tip.”

That’s all, lovies. What do you think? Is this something you’d try? Have tried? 

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of gel. I prefer mousse. I just ordered some of that Sally Hershberger Shape Up. That stuff is pretty good along with the mineral spray…..except that sprayer got stopped up on me. I like how it makes waves and smells like coconut…..


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