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Jouer Cosmetics fit together like so. 

Jouer Cosmetics, created by Christina Zilber, is a fantastic brand for a multitude of reasons–the range boasts an incredible array of no-makeup makeup hues that flatter everyone, the formulas are robust yet subtle–but the major draw is the interlocking packaging. It’s all very Voltron.  Maybe you weren’t also forced to watch a host of boy cartoons as a child, and if not, let me educate you. In Voltron, a robot team’s individual vehicles join together to form the giant super robot, with which they defend the galaxy from evil. Where Voltron has lions, Jouer has cosmetic items that fit together to form a master palette–to defend your mug from sun rays while enhancing your best features. Instead of the totally FASCIST palettes other brands proffer, Jouer generously lets you make your own palette music, to paraphrase the musical stylings of Mama Cass Elliot.

The brand boasts a bunch of covet-worthy offerings for the summer. Check ’em out:

 Essential Lip Enhancer ($14) is a rich, long-lasting balm that acts as electrolytes for your your parched pout. Bring it on a plane and you’ll avoid Sahara lips the entire flight. I let this one double as an eye cream in a pinch, as well.

Matte Touch Essential Mattifying Balm ($26) An amazing powder alternative, this balm eliminates shine  and sweat in schvitzy weather in a flash without the dry-out factor of translucent powder.

Champagne Highlighter ($20) Casts your cheekbones and browbones in ultra-flattering light.

Hamptons Moisturizing Lipgloss ($20) New for July, this hydrating sheer gloss can be used on cheeks for a glowy, diaphanous feel.

SPF 15 Lip Sheer in St. Barths ($22) is your beach-bag staple. A kiss of color so you never look like you’re the webmaster of at the beach–but you’re ready for photo opps and sexy surfer situations.

Sheer Matte Powder & Bronzer Powder Duo Both in a single compact you can conjoin with the rest of your Jouer delights.

Petal Cheek Tint ($20) is a cream blush that’s uber-blendable and can be rocked on your lips, as well. 

Jouer Cosmetics is available at and, in addition to Henri Bendel.

Have you tried this line out? What are your favorite Jouer items?

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