Destination: Procrastination

What’s cuter than eclectic teacups?
 [The Luxury Spot]

Cat comes up with a list of her 100 favorite products. First up? The Clarisonic
[XO Jane]

Go Philly on his ass, Will Smith–the actor/rapper decks a reporter who tries to plant one on him
[Betty Confidential]

I agree with this. For the love, don’t Pinterest your wedding–when you’re single
[Your Tango]

That’s charitable of you.. to you, Lindsay. Here, she’s trying to look like Elizabeth Taylor
[The Gloss]

What to really expect when you’re expecting
[You Beauty]

LIVING for this Union Jack palette by Pop Beauty
[Fashion Pulse Daily]

I Canne’t even. The latest beauty looks of the Cannes Film Festival
[Beauty High]

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