Skinterrogation: Guerlain Spa’s Maria Dolanescu

The Skinterrogation column is where I post Q&A seshes with major movers and shakers in the skin care industry. 

This installment of the Skinterrogation column features Waldorf-Astoria NYC’s Guerlain Spa lead therapist Maria Dolanescu. Maria is one of the most knowledgable, incredible aestheticians I’ve met to date. I’ve been seeing her every few weeks to get my crazy-clogged pores in order and she’s been doing amazing things for my skin, thanks to tri-weekly Guerlain Abeille Royale treatments. This Australia by way of Romania native has TONS of tips to impart, so I scored her digits and accosted her via telephone with all my burning skin care questions.  Here’s how she got started in the biz, her best acne and anti-aging tips and, of course, her product recommendations. Check it.

Beauty Blogging Junkie: Tell me a little about your background. How you decided to be an aesthetician? 
Maria Dolanescu: I’ve been in the industry 20 years. I started as a beauty consultant for Chanel and Dior and I was told that I have a technique about the way I speak about product. Someone suggested I do more in the industry, so I went for further study to the best schools in Australia. I want to the Strand College of Beauty Therapy to learn to be an aesthetician. I was fortunate to have a great teacher. She was very tough but very excellent. She saw something in me. Then, I went to an international beauty school based in Switzerland. There, I had to really study. It was intense. It’s a lot to learn. I can now work anywhere in the world. I can also do massage and nails. I’m also certified in England. I took extra courses and i always look for extra courses/seminars. I believe that knowledge is power. The more you know, the more confident you are. I’m very passionate. I appreciate every skin care product that comes into my hands–the ingredients are of upmost importance.

BBJ: What are your best acne tips? 

  • MD: Use a good cleanser. A gentle cleanser that doesn’t overstrip the skin. It doesn’t mean we need to strip the natural oils.
  • Using a good moisturizer that is only going to balance and hydrate the skin is very important.
  • A constant visit to a place to have good facials for a deep cleaning of the skin. The whole regimen needs to be pristine. Brushes need to be cleaned often.

BBJ: What are your methods of addressing aging skin? 
MD: Oh to be able to make the aging stop. You can never! If you think you can…. maybe you’ve had too much coffee. We can learn how to take care of our skin from an early age, and have beautiful healthy skin. For me, prevention is number one. Using the right products at the right time in your life. Use sunscreen every day. This helps stop skin from being damaged product. Educate yourself about the right products to encourage healthy cells.

BBJ: What are some of your favorite products? 

Thanks, Maria!  I HIGHLY recommend you experience a facial with her at the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf-Astoria NYC.  Call 212.872.7200 or book online at

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