Fictionary: MACsimile

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MAC Cosmetics, purveyor of pretty pigments, is THE most popular makeup brand, which also makes it the most frequently knocked off on eBay and elsewhere. If you’re doing some makeup shopping on eBay, and channeling the paraphrased parlance of the late Whitney Houston saying “How will I know [if I’m about to purchase a MACsimile,”] you’re in luck. I just stumbled upon a guide to help you spot a MACsimile (Max, for short) or a MOCK pigment, courtesy of Joanne Faith’s website.

2. Watch out for pigment colors listed as “rare,” as these are often fakes.

3. On the bottom of the box, there should be a bar code label printed on a sticker. If the bar code is printed directly onto the bottom of the box then the product is a fake.

4. There should be a black round sticker on the top right hand corner of the box with the name of the color on it. Fake pigments often place the sticker closer to the front.

5. The pigment jar should have a small circle sticker on the bottom, and that sticker should have the colors name printed on it. Above the name of the pigment there should be a name and number code, fake MAC pigments are known to only have the numbers and not the color name.

6. The pigment itself should be sealed by a protective lid. There should not be a hole in the middle to pour the pigment from.

7. Fake MAC pigment is not the same high quality of authentic MAC pigment. While the authentic product will leave a rich and vibrant color on your skin with just a little, the fakes are often dull and rubs off easily. MAC pigment should not rub off easily.

Tell me: Have you encountered a MACsimile?


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