Travel Blogging Junkie: Grand Summit Hotel At The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah

Credit: The Canyons

I’m back from a whirlwind tour at Sundance courtesy of Got2b hair care (stay tuned for a post on their newest innovation). We had an epic time staying at the Grand Summit Hotel at Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah. I even heard through the grapevine that Michael Cera and Paris Hilton were staying there.

Boasting an INCREDIBLE bed that rivaled my new Four Seasons mattress I just bought for myself at home and an in-room fireplace, the joint is the penultimate in COZY. And cozy you’ll crave after enduring the various and sundry CRAZYTOWN modes of transport in Park City including but not limited to a cabriolet (not the fun Volkswagen, BT dubs, but instead a crazy ski lift thing you stand in in the bitter cold which takes you, at an astounding speed over the street), funicular, snowmobile and a SLEIGH.

The latter we took to have dinner at The Viking Yurt, an incredible six-course dinner experience with only a few tables and delish food. There we met a really nice, really insane couple who are so outdoorsy and into extreme sports in freezing cold weather, they actually were celebrating their second anniversary. They got married OUTSIDE in Park City in January at that yurt. Naturally, the dude proposed while the couple skied. He told us all about how they’d been in “avalanche formation” (obviously I had to ask what that was–it’s when one person skis at a time through a course) and he’d buried the ring in the snow and used food coloring to color a heart in the snow. Of course, since he went though first, she’d thought that meant he’d been seriously hurt and was BLEEDING. And then she DUG FOR THIS RING and ENJOYED IT. This couple FASCINATED me. I did a veritable anthropological study in the manner of Margaret MEAD on them.

Jeannine, myself, Casey, Kaitlyn and Lizzie at No Name Saloon.

Anyway. While we didn’t get to experience any films this time, we did enjoy an incredible meal at the St. Regis in a sick private room, bloody marys at No Name Saloon, where I was deva to learn Michael Vartan had been mere hours prior to our arrival, had a blast snowmobiling (it’s like jetskiing, but in the snow) and rocked out till 2:30am at the Tao party, where we encountered James Marsden.

Moi, pre-snowmobiling! I felt like Maverick, and appropriately, had a need for speed.

Jeannine and I at Tao.

Funny story about that vest--it’s this one, and it’s real Mongolian sheep wool. What they forget to tell you on Shopbop is that it sheds EVERYWHERE and that you and your party will be pulling little hairs out of your MOUTH the entire time you wear it. The exact moment James Marsden and I made eye contact at Tao, I WAS PULLING A PIECE OF FUR OUT OF MY MOUTH. That happened. He seemed good-natured enough about it and kind of smiled, but I was MORTIFIED.

Jeannine, Lizzie and I at Tao.

Here, a video tour of my room at Grand Summit Hotel at The Canyons Resort.

Thanks, Got2b, for an insanely fun time!

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