Holiday Gift Guide: Kate Spade Delights

Sparkle, Neely, sparkle: This is the 2011 BBJ Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift-worthy items for everyone on your list, check out my other offerings.

Kate Spade Bow Ring ($48)

No what’s not bo-ring? A Kate Spade Bow Ring. I can’t stop thinking about this little beautiful bauble to the point where I’m 68% sure I’ll have to gift MYSELF with one. It’s just perfect.

Kate Spade Prize Ball ($35)
I found out about this ball of fun–literally–when my gal Sarah bought one for our friend Aly who unfortunately is in the hospital recovering from an emergency surgery. At first I thought it was ridic. $35 for a ribbon-wrapped ball containing various and sundry small token gifts? Then, I was the lucky duck who got to unwrap it for Aly–and I felt like a KITTEN. Like NERMAL. It was the epitome of FUN. I uncovered a barrel of monkeys, a spade tattoo, a little card containing a list of women’s must-haves and other fun stuff.

There’s Nerm, busy being cute.

Get thee to Kate Spade for all thy gifting needs!They’ll wrap it all up for you in GORGE paper and bows, too. They KNOW from bows. Just like Bo knows.

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