Food Blogging Junkie: Omelet Ease Pan

Yes, this could be my inaugural and final posting in the Food Blogging Junkie column. Cooking is not my forte, which is why I cook a handful of things–omelets being one of them. They are a major food group of the freelance writer, I’d posit. They taste delish, are really easy if you get one of those “just whites” mixtures, have some American cheese on hand and best of all, are totally inexpensive. I like to add spinach and some spicy green chili sauce I buy in bulk from Maoz.

But what sucks is cleaning that pan afterward. I feel I spend my lifestyle dealing with hardened egg and cheese detritus and frankly, it disgusts me. So when BARRY (my dad) gave me this lovely Omelet Ease Pan, I was actually elated. Not only does a hilarious egg scowl at me while I’m cooking my oeufs, it makes cooking frittatas and omelets a breeze with zero crust when it moves from the pan to the plate.

The Omelet Ease Pan is just $15 at and they have loads of other whimsical kitchen stuff, as well.

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