2011 Emmys Hairstyle: Minka Kelly

Mark Townsend created Minka Kelly‘s elegant updo. Read on to find out how to get the look.

Mark started by adding a few drops of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Serum to Minka’s damp hair and blowdried with a large round brush.Next he took about a quarter size amount of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Cream in my hands and rubbed them together and then raked my fingers through her hair. This cream is like a styling product and treatment in one bottle and it makes the hair so shiny and smooth, he says can’t go a day without using this cream! Next he loosely gathered her hair at the nape of her neck and braided it and then looped the braid back up and pinned it the nape of her neck in a messy chignon. Mark let some of her face framing layers to fall out of the chignon because it gave her Dior gown a soft, romantic feel. Next he sprayed Sally Hershberger Star Shine Spray to five her hair an incredible shine. He finished by spraying Dove Extra Hold Hairspray all over to keep the hair in place all night.

What say you about Minka Kelly’s Emmys hairstyle?

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