It’s A 10 Miracle Styling Serum Review

Hyperbole is absolutely EVERYWHERE, dolls. If I had a dime for every mediocre-at-best beauty blog that hails itself “the top,” “the top U.S.’,” or “the most read” one, I’d be a very rich woman. Here’s a tip on how you can tell which ones are and which aren’t: If the claims are not substantiated by any press other than the person stating them, it’s bull. Read on…

Similarly, wild claims run rampant in the world of product copywriting–and I know; I’m a copywriter straddling both the finance and lingerie industries. So when I received a sample of It’s A 10 Miracle Styling Serum, the first thing I did was SNORT. Miracle? PLEASE.

Then I tried it.

The red sea parted, the angels sang, all of it–once I air-dried my hair with a little of the serum applied to my ends after spritzing a bit of the brand’s Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin (another fave). The consistency of the serum is more flexible, kind of argan oil-esque. It doesn’t weigh my fine hair down, smells great, imparts shine and softens my damaged mane in a flash. When used in tandem with the Keratin spray, it’s an incredible defrizzer. An absolute MUST on the east coast in August.

To fully express my feelings, I turn to the sage words of that famous philosopher Hot Chocolate.

Step 1: Use it
Step 2: Believe in miracles.

You sexy thing.

It’s A 10 Plus Keratin retails for $22 on

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