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I’m pretty sure I’ll never fly anything other than Virgin again. Why WOULD you when you can have Wi-Fi in the sky? I’m up in the AIR right now on a PLANE. Can you even?

Here’s what I don’t love:
my chair does not recline one iota and I’m therefore sitting at a nearly acute angle for 5.5 hours. It’s not a-cute, but it does make me acutely uncomf.

Here’s what I do love: the fact that you can buy as many snacks as you like and chat with other people on the plane via your seat’s TV. I just ate a pretty dece mandarin chicken wrap and am deeply considering a cheese plate.

This plane is purple and looks like a DISCO. Kind of Soul Plane, if you will.
In other news, I’m going to meet up with the fab Sydne Summer today to do some shopping in LA! She’s going to pick me up in her CAR. When in Rome, dolls. My computer’s juice is running out, so I’ll bid y’all adieu for the mo’!
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4 Comments Travel Blogging Junkie: Blogging From The Sky!

  1. Nepenthe

    That’s amazing!

    Not cool about the seat, but otherwise the setup seems fab. Enjoy the rest of your flight, potentially a cheese plate.. and the shopping in LA.


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