Latest Obfreshion: Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream

Grey Gardens living room circa 1971

So I was just talking to Andrea Lavinthal about what beauty brands NEVER go in our “giveaway pile.” Yes, all beauty writers/editors/bloggers have one (the ones who know what they’re talking about, anyway). We get lots of stuff that’s excellent, but also multiples of things too close to things we’re already loving, things in colors that don’t suit us, things in formulas for Not Our Hair (or Skin) Concerns. You know? If I were to keep ALL of it, I’d be living in the cosmetic equivalent of Grey Gardens–instead of merely an episode of Hoarders, which is at once so much more sophisticated and how I choose to live. But one brand that NEVER goes into either of our giveaway piles–EVER–is Fresh. Everything they make deserves a home–in MY home. That’s the nature of an obfreshion. Read on….

Their latest gem is Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream. The Seaberry franchise extends into the soap category as well. Both items smell subtly fresh (natch) with a faint hologram of fruit essence that’s the olfactory equivalent of an especially fragrant unsweetened fruit tea. The story behind its genesis is that Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman burnt his arm when he was only two, growing up in East Siberia. The doctor treated him with a pasty orange salve that he later learned was Seaberry Oil. It’s native to Siberia and has been used for generations to cure all manner of ailments. The cream’s texture is straight up exquisite–hydrating, but not too heavy and definitely not greasy. I’d compare it to one of my holy grail moisturizers, Kiehl’s Supremely Restorative Argan Body Lotion. It absorbs in a flash into skin leaving only calmer, smooth, softly scented skin in its wake.

Buy the Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream for $28.50 at

What do you think, chickens? Will you test this one out?

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3 Comments Latest Obfreshion: Fresh Seaberry Restorative Body Cream

  1. Grace

    totally with you. i haven’t tried this lotion yet but i am hooked on all things fresh. the sugar scrub, the sugar body lotion… basically the whole sugar line! and don’t get me started on the black tea mask… amazeballs!

    xx grace


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