Travel Blogging Junkie: The Viceroy Anguilla

I’ll just SAY it: The Viceroy Anguilla is, bar none, THE NICEST place I’ve ever stayed. I feel as if I’m, you know, CRYING WOLF or something, because that exact phrase flew out of my mouth just a few short weeks ago when I stayed at the positively epic Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort (which was utterly relaxing and gorgeous). But it’s a very luxe party at The Viceroy and a very well DESIGNED one at that (courtesy of famed designer Kelly Wearstler, whose eclectic furnishings touches of luxury are absolutely spot-on gorge). My travel companion extraordinaire Dina pointed out that The Viceroy even impressively symmetrical, which, while unexpected, adds an extra dash of glamour. One has to wonder if the belief that beauty can be quantified in terms of facial symmetry doesn’t hold true in real estate as well. Sferra linens (the chic purple/grey towels provided for use in our PRIVATE PLUNGE POOL–see video below–gave me a case of the vapors) and FULL SIZED NEIL GEORGE PRODUCTS complete this holiday haven’s astoundingly opulent (in a good way) vaca experience.

But of course, you didn’t think I’d skip a room tour, did you? Never! As the great Vivian Ward said about her hotel bathroom at the Reg Bev Wil, it’s BIGGER THAN THE BLUE BANANA. Check the video, below:

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