Fictionary: Glamsses

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty- and fashion-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Few things are more exciting than a new pair of glasses–when they’re glam ones, Jim and I refer to them as Glamsses. For me, they’re an accessory. Most of the time I rock my contact lenses, but there are certain occassions and outfits, even, that call for a more serious, more sophisticated look. I frequently don spectacles when I work at my financial writing gig. If you want to intimidate someone who’s irritating you at the office? Simply drop the phrase “value proposition” look disturbed a lot and DEFINITELY show up bespectacled. Works every time.

Next week I’m going to LensCrafters (my longtime glasses savior since I moved to Manhattan nine years ago) to get some new ones to switch off with the black Prada frames I purchased a couple years ago there. I’ll be experiencing at the store a complete eye exam, consultation and complimentary set of frames and lenses. I’m thinking tortoise shell, as I’m inspired by Bobbi Brown’s new amazing Tortoise Shell limited edtion collection (more to come on that soon).

Are you a glasses wearer? Tell me about your latest pair! INSPIRE a gal!

Also, get involved: LensCrafters’ back-to-school Semi-Annual Lens Event starts today, July 8 and lasts through September 12. Take advantage and find out more on LensCrafters’ site.

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