Fictionary: Obsessive COREpulsive Disorder (OCD)

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should.

Does this happen to anyone else during a Core Fusion workout? I suddenly become irrationally fixated Rain Man style on the fact that my mat must be absolutely perpendicular for “thighs.” There can be no stray hair shed onto the floor that gets picked up on my pants. There can be no deo marks on my pants from various stretching exercises. Otherwise, I plum can’t FOCUS. For more symptoms of Obsessive COREpulsive Disorder, (and to find out if you have it–we’re the WebMD of made-up diseases over here) read on…

If I’m looking in the mirror at myself (which I actually try to avoid at Core Fusion, though I’m absolutely obsessed with mirrors in every and all other aspects of my lifestyle), I become obsessed with any blemishes, out-of-place eyelash extensions (lately I’m pledging my eyelash allegiance to Courtney Akai, BTW) and rogue eyebrow hairs.

I find I have to go to extreme lengths to ensure as much perfection as possible, lest I get distracted during my workout and try to “perfect” the situation. It’s much like doing your laundry and cleaning your room before studying. That, my friends, is Obsessive COREpulsive Disorder.

Rain Man had to watch Wapner;
I can’t pulse without my mat perfectly so. 

Anyone else suffer from it? Just me?

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2 Comments Fictionary: Obsessive COREpulsive Disorder (OCD)

  1. Unknown

    I mainly focus on how others in the class look as if they are BARELY MOVING yet are totally cut, rocking six pack abs, while I am sweating and flailing about.

  2. Unknown

    I did Core Fusion for the second time on Saturday. I was just focused on the fact that I was sweating immensely and looking completely uncoordinated when the rock-solid babe next to me looked as if she was BARELY MOVING, yet totally cut. How does this happen?


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