Holy Grail Curly Hair Combo

Balcony in Turks & Caicos!

You guys.

It’s been, like, a never-ending odyssey for me. Shielding my hair from all precipitation and humidity. Not dunking my head in the pool or ocean, though I’m an avid swimmer. Experimenting with, quite possibly, every single hair product on the planet (and I’d be game to test some from others, as well, for the record). And do you know how I achieved the best curls I’ve ever had in my life? Even on my hasn’t-curled-well-at-all-since-my-first-keratin-treatment-in-2009?

A little bit of frizz, but otherwise, EPIC CURLS.

An enormous amount of ocean water in Turks & Caicos, where I’m currently on vaca, from a three-hour swim, then getting caught in a torrential downpour on my way back from a supermarket. I then didn’t so much as comb my snarled masses of hair, thinking it would be a scientific experiment to see what kind of Brillo pad would emerge when this dried. And guess what? My curls look epic.

Epic room at Villa Del Mar in Turks & Caicos

So, I obviously don’t know one thing about one thing about hair. The end.

Photo credit: Tamar

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2 Comments Holy Grail Curly Hair Combo

  1. Jean

    Wow- Your hair looks great! My hair is naturally wavy and if I let it air dry before bed and scrunch it a few times with my fingers, it always looks amazing. Yes, right before bed! It always kills me because it never looks that good when I actually have somewhere to go.


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