Destination: Procrastination

Could Brazilian blowouts be banned altogether?
[The Daily Beauty Reporter]

Ten celebrity kids with celebrity Godparents

A gal after my own heart,’s Cat Marnell shares how you can make water less boring as hell (PS Jane Pratt’s new website is EVERYTHING)

Are Lady Gaga and Madonna RELATED? That could explain the total and utter ganking of latter’s lifestyle by the former
[The Fab Life]

Beauty for tropical climes!
[College Fashion]

Hailee Steinfeld is the new face of Miu Miu. Like like!
[The Cut]

Donate to Goodwill; save at The Gap
[The Frisky]

Joey McIntyre’s having a third baby. Sigh
[MTV Buzzworthy]

A guide for graduating seniors (my guide? Every email you send to your friends from work will have the words “happy hour” in it). 
[College Candy]

The Make Up For Ever HD range makes you looke PHOTOSHOPPED in a good way

This tunic is awakening my not-even-dormant love of tie-dye
[Fashion Binge]

A review of iPhone app Go Chic Or Go Home
[Already Pretty]

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