What’s On Patricia Field’s Vanity?

Patricia Fields’ mermaid soap dish.

The What’s On Your Vanity Series showcases a single beauty item an industry insider loves because it’s effective, but also she feels she must keep out on top of her vanity because the gorgeous packaging must be displayed.

 I think this one’s my greatest vanity coup yet.

I recently attended an event for Kotex, for which the glamazing Patricia Field has designed fun, frivolous packaging and carrying tins. I always say that making the mundane glamorous is the key to life–and what better way to do it than this? U by Kotex is taking a stand against the bland look of feminine care by adding color and design varity to its line of pads and liners. Now you can choose your boring stuff like absorbency–but you can also choose your packaging. The brand’s even hosting an online contest for girls to share their inspirations. Submit boards to banthebland.com for the chance to work with Patricia to design a new U by Kotex product and to attend a runway show at Fashion Week in New York City. Such a great idea, n’est-ce pas?  Read on to find out Patricia Field’s favorite outfit ever, her products recs, and, obv, what’s on her vanity…

Back to my interview with Patricia. First, I asked what was the most fabulous thing she’s ever worn. “My cowgirl outfit when I was six years old,” exclaimed Patricia. “It was a short skirt with plastic fringes. It was a gun with a holster. It was a vest. Sometimes kids get into tutus. This was my thing.”

Then, the subject turned to beauty (as it always tends to when I’m one of the conversation participants). Said Patricia: “I have many beauty products and I have a beautiful bathroom that I love. It’s one of the places in my life that I escape to in a beautiful way, in a fantasy way. I have a huge tray of perfume. I buy it, I’m gifted with it. That’s one of the things on my vanity. I also love a mermaid soap dish someone gave me as a gift. I can show you a picture of it!” [She busted out her PHONE and then EMAILED ME the photo on the spot. I got an email from PATRICIA FIELD in my inbox. Can you even? (I can’t.)]

Patricia also disclosed a major beauty secret of hers is a daily bath in super-hot water with salts and oils to keep the skin smooth. A daily bath was recommended by a doctor friend of hers nearly 40 years ago for her bad back. “For years I’ve developped this culture of my bath,” Patricia explained. ” It’s about how youre putting yourself in the water. What is the water that you’re putting yourself in? What do you need from it. You need a water softener–it breaks the water molecules down. Break it down into three parts, three surfaces. You used to be able to get it a water softener from Calgon, but now I find water softeners in the laundry department. It makes the water is more velvety. You notice a difference.” SOLD. If anyone has any idea what and where these water softeners are, will you please tell a bitch? Thanks, lovies.

Last but not least, Patricia copped to loving Comme des Garcons perfume and earthy scents like Issey Miyake Green Tea. “That’s for one mood,” Patricia said. “Norma Kamali has one, too. Frankencense is the note I most love.” She also loves APIVITA skin care, a natural Greek brand. “They make the most amazing products in the world. It’s from bees and flowers,” Patricia exclaimed. “When I put it on my body, it feels FRIENDLY. It doesn’t feel cold and clammy. It’s special.” Do you love the way this woman talks as much as I do? She also hailed something during the presentation (I can’t even remember what) as “totally snap.” Love.

Thanks to Patricia for one of my most informative, fantastic interviews EVA.

Photo credit: Patricia Field

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