Official Mascara Correspondent: Wet ‘N Wild Megalength Mascara

WET ‘N WILD Megalength Mascara ($3) Ok, let me just say, I love me a cheap mascara. As much as I love luxury, an under-$10 mascara that works is a dream. The small rubberized brush gets to every lash with one coat. I was able to coat my blonde lashes with a soft coat of pigment that gave a lot of depth. With a second coat, while it wasn’t “megalength,” I saw a definite boost in length. It brought out the corner lashes, producing a wide doe-eyed look. Very Twiggy. I love my midday touch-up, but my lashes were too dry and the pigment wouldn’t really adhere. I also needed my oil-based eye makeup remover to get it off at the end of the night, but truth be told, I loved this mascara. Scoop this baby up! Wet ‘N Wild Megalength Mascara retails for $3 at Walgreens.

–Ashleigh Ciucci, BBJ Official Mascara Correspondent

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