Hoseanna: Tights Of The Month Club!

Isn’t it just plum irritating how quickly we go through tights? Just today I had to throw out a pair I innocently had in my drawer, not realizing they were pilled beyond the beyond AND had a hole in the toe. These tights were all, “no way, HOSE-ay.” Luckily for me, a new site called Hoseanna just launched! It’s hosiery–by subscription.

The site offers a carefully curated collection for women to purchase tights and offers a great selection of brands, such as Hanes, DKNY and Hue. Hoseanna also offers a few fresh faces in the market like Bootights (one of Oprah’s 2011 Fall Must-haves) and the UK’s Pretty Polly.

Instead of a wine of the month club, indulge in a TIGHTS of the month club. Get involved at hoseanna.com.

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1 Comment Hoseanna: Tights Of The Month Club!

  1. Anne @ Team Hoseanna

    Love it: “No way, HOSE-ay.” Ha ha. (that reminds me, I totally have pilled and toe-holed tights that need to be tossed in a rigorous bout of spring cleaning).

    Thanks for the kudos Amber! And keep checking back with us. We’re always adding new products. Ooh, and any products that you want us to sell? Do please let us know. We’d be much obliged.


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