Fictionary: Lululemonaid

Fictionary is a column showcasing beauty- and fashion-related words that don’t exist, but should.

 To celebrate the fact that I’ve found a workout I enjoy, I decided to invest in a bit of workoutwear. I love Lululemon‘s jackets and Wonder Under Pants, though they are a bit spendy. But $70+ for a top that I’m going to schvitz in? NO. That is where I draw the line. For months, I lamented. I rocked American Apparel V-necks, which are great, but then I’d have to pair them with a sports bra. And I was just adding to my pile of laundry.

I refused to spend that much cash for a supportive workout top at Lululemon. So I decided to take life’s Lululemons and make Lululemonaid by hitting up my local Old Navy and scoring their Shelf-bra Active Tank in Purple Mania. At $19.50, the gals in my Core Fusion classes will still be impressed, and I love its long length and flattering cut.

What are you working out in, lovies?

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