Destination: Procrastination

Sweet! A sugar-covered mani

Urban Outfitters Launches Its First Ever Bridal Collection
[Fashion Pulse Daily]

a great video by college students about Planned Parenthood
[College Candy]

Why do I find Avril Lavigne’s multicolored hairstyle reminiscent of sherbet, and yet… strangely appealing?
[MTV Buzzworthy]

What to wear on St. Patrick’s Day
[College Fashion]

Why “The Hunger Games”‘ Katniss Aberdeen is a total badass
[The Atlantic]

How to get Ashley Greene’s bouncy birthday hairstyle
[Ted Gibson’s In His Beauty Universe]

The most outrageous runway looks
[Beauty Blitz]

How to look better naked
[Real Beauty]

Fall trend: Hard ans shiny fabrics!
[The Cut]

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