Banish Crazy, Nastyass Acne Scars

My acne scars are badass and unkillable. They’ll hang around for an entire wool-coat season. It’s fakakta. They’re like the honey badger. Have you seen the video? It kills me. I owe my intro to it to my Daily Glow editor, Liesa Goins. Observe and learn:

Honey badger don’t care, and demonstrably, neither does my pigmentation. It’s like, “I’m staying RIGHT HERE ON YOUR FACE FOR MONTHS,” says that bird.

Two things have come to my aid, however, in my battle of Amber vs. Acne scars. Ready?

Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel ($35 for 10 packets) This two-pad program effectively exfoliates, evens skin tone and fades dark areas, leaving my skin looking glowing and smooth. I like to use it once a week before tanning with my Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care Alpha Beta Glow Pads.

SheerCover Concealer is part of Leeza Gibbons‘ makeup line and is it ever impressive. Usually, I give mineral makeup the side-eye, as you know my thoughts on powder. (I’m anti-powder makeup). But this creamy yet dense camouflager is powerful stuff! It’s dry enough to cover efficiently, yet hydrating enough not to dry out my undereye area. It also comes in a two-color pack so I can use the more yellow side to counteract dark circles while the more flesh-tone side is perfect for spackling right on top of blemishes, and more importantly, blemish SCARRING with a skinny brush to make them disappear.

I wish I could come up with a corresponding honey badger joke, but alas I can’t, because nothing slays him–not even SNAKE venom.

What’s your defense against acne scars? And what’s more hilar than that honey badger video? Nothing. Not one thing.

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