Gender-bender Beauty At Band of Outsiders

A boy-girl backstage at Band of Outsiders

A single look for a fashion show? Not for Band of Outsiders, where there were three beauty concepts: boy-boy, boy-girl and girl-girl. The boy-boys (who were actual dudes, we know this kind of gender-bender terminology gets confusing) donned their natural hair texture, the boy-girls wore long, side-parted side-braids, and the girl-girls boasted amped-up voluminous curls.

Makeup: Dick Page for Shiseido created a look based on what he called a “not quite tan but peachy rose color applied across the cheeks, sort of like a sunburn.” The peachy rose color was streaked around the eyes, nose and cheeks almost in a Zorro-mask fashion. “I was more aggressive with it initially, then reigned it in,” remarked Page.

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