Favorite Things of 2010: The Final Installment!

Guys, the time has come: It’s the final installment of Tamar‘s and my Favorite Things of 2010 vid! Check it:

Here’s the breakdown of everything covered in the video.

Amber: Royal Apothic The Extracts Collection in Marigold
I need to share about this one, guys, beyond what I said in the video. This brand is EPIC, as is its hilar and fiercely talented founder Sean O’Mara. He’s a former beauty exec and current interior designer who happened upon an apothecary manual from the eighteenth century, which inspired him to start his own brand. I love ALL of the items from his line, but mostly the Marigold scent. The Royal Apothic Cutting Garden Bathe Bath Wash is also wooing me, of late. Get involved, you won’t be sorry.

Tamar: LA Looks Cashmere Curls Gel
Amber: Sally Beauty Supply Femme Couture Mascara Set (with glitter mascara!)
Tamar: Lancome Nail Polish in Roha
Amber: Beverly Hills Skin Care Advanced Youth Recovery Cream
Tamar: Haus of Price Shoes
Amber: Philosophy The Supernatural Superbeautiful Foundation SPF 20 (my go-to foundation for LIFE.)
Tamar: Marc Jacobs Lipstick Pen
Tamar: Mor Cosmetics bath and body products

Thanks for watching our Favorite Things series! Until next year…

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