Double Your Pleasure: Arcona Triad Pads

I inherited my father‘s tendency to hoard things in doubles and triples. His vice, however, is electronics, while mine is beauty products. My mother, however, veers into quite the opposite territory. While not at all a minimalist, she is vehemently opposed to purchasing multiples. For example, she’ll never buy the same shirt she loves–no matter how much she adores it–in more than one color. So you see my dilemma? I’m genetically programmed to want tons and tons of the same thing in slight variation. But I’m also inclined to feel GUILTY about it. I have a point, and I’m getting to it.

I’ve long been a fan of Arcona Cranberry Toner. I use it when I’m feeling especially oily or if I want to spot-treat a breakout at night. So when the brand sent a sample of their Arcona Triad Pads, which are essentially their cranberry toner rationed out for you in utterly convenient cotton pads, I thought I should just pass it along to a friend–no need to double up.

But then I tried them and was wowed. They are an all-in-one stroke of genius, literally. One swoop removes makeup, cleanses AND tones. But because I already do each of those things separately (I love the IDEA of saving time, but not really the practice of it because I’m too Type A), I started employing my pads for a different use. Noting how little I clean my iPhone and how it gets wracked with makeup, dirt and oil from yapping all the live-long day, I decided to keep my container of Arcona Triad Pads by my phone charger each night. Before I go to sleep, I plug in my phone, sweep it with a new pad each night and have found that that leads to much fewer phone-zone (to quote Kristen) breakouts. Couple that with using a fresh paper towel each time to dry your face and switching up your (silk) pillowcase a few times a week and you’ve effectively diminished your contact with sebum-aggravating bacteria by at least 78%. (I know because I measured.)

And tell me: What do you do to combat acne?

Arcona Triad Pads retail for $30 at

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