Fab First Aid: Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids

This weekend, I endeavored to do a little at-home waxing. Sometimes a poor girl’s spa day is necessary for one’s spirits and bank account. Unfortunately for moi, the waxing never happened because I nuked my trusty Shobha Sugaring Gel for a bit too long. I stirred it a bit to make the mixture more heterogeneous–and promptly SCALDED my hand when a bit of the gel jumped out. I shrieked in terror like the Hitchcock heroine I secretly envision myself to bewhen I’m by myself. WWGKD*?

As I clutched an ice pack in my injured hand watching the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy on DVR (after that electrifying finale, it seems the show is back to boring, no?), I realized I need a bandage that reflected the fact that this was a beauty battle wound. AND it would be front and center on my my hand (my left one, by the base of my pointer finger), so all the more reason for glamorous injury dressing.

Enter Cynthia Rowley’s Band Aids. At $10 for a pack encased in a gorge metal tin, it was just the thing to heal my spirits and burn.

*What Would Grace Kelly Do?

Disclosure: A sample of this item was provided for editorial consideration

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