Destination: Procrastination

I NEED this Tetris bracelet in my lifestyle

Awesome. Apparently, colds might make you fat

Why parents should be open with teens about sexuality
[College Candy]

Stop saying “literally” when you mean figuratively. Rachel Zoe.
[The Oatmeal]

Karen reviews the new Urban Decay Urbanglow Cream Highlighters
[Makeup and Beauty Blog]

Some tips for rocking over-the-knee boots
[College Fashion]

Three things Glee teaches us about love
[Your Tango]

Enter to win a unisex Skagen watch!
[Fashion Pulse]

Tamron discusses cat lady chic fashions
[Fashion Binge]

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3 Comments Destination: Procrastination

  1. Jessica

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the oatmeal post!

    It’s right up my alley, I am one of those people with the annoying habit of correcting you when you say “good” instead of “well”. Ugh!!! A pet peeve of mine.

    So thank god for posts like that (literally) LOL.


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