Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover

My brother Ethan, whose raging comic book obsesh borders on Brodie Bruce levels of intensity, alerted me to the fact that Wonder Woman #600 came out today.  It’s one of the few ongoing comics to make it to 600 issues, according to Ethan, only Superman and Batman have ever done that.  Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the only three comics to be continually published from the “golden age” of comics.  Action Comics is actually closing in on #900.  So anyway, to celebrate the 600th Wonder Woman issue, DC comics debuted her new costume, at left.

Um, I hate it.  I mean, compared to the Wonder Woman of yesterday (right), isn’t her new costume a bit, I don’t know, Tekken 3 or something? Or trashy barmaid? And I can’t imagine those shoes are helping her save the world. Or anything. Certainly not my corneas. And is she shopping at the Lindsey Lohan store of not-pants?

I vastly prefer her iconic costume. Let me know what you think of Wonder Woman’s new look in the comments.

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7 Comments Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover

  1. Renn

    This is hilarious. You’re calling the new costume “trashy” when the old one is basically a swimming suit and a whip. Okaaaay.
    Anyway, I like the new one. I don’t care if she’s an Amazon, she should have clothes that cover at least half of her body. The new costume is, in my opinion, far more respectful and all around pretty badass.

  2. Natalie

    I like it as an alternative. Like, if she needed to not look like Wonder Woman for a while or something. And superheros of all stripes have been rocking the no-pants thing longer than it was ever popular. Just ask Supes and Batman. That I can live with. I would like some more skin though, strange as that seems.

  3. styrch

    I was thinking about posting about this too. I don’t like it either. Seems far more restrictive. Plus WW is supposed to be an Amazon for crying out loud, right? Shouldn’t she be wearing a bit less? I think this is too urban street gang.

    Although I will say this: very happy it got rid of the star -underwear. I didn’t like that too much.


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